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Coming Soon in Early 2021

Created By:
Nicholas Masalleras, Spencer Cook, Drew Dacey, Ben Frondorf, and Brittany Secraw

COVID-19 has brought challenges in staying connected with one-another. The most affected groups are churches. Since the pandemic started, churches and their congregation could not meet in-person. This has created challenges for the church to develop live stream systems in record times, often without money. The congregation has had to adapt to this format of watching church on their phone, laptop, tablet, or TV at home with only their family. As a result, congregation members have felt disconnected from their church community and from their worship leaders and pastors. Church small groups have also been affected, with many meeting only on Zoom or WebEx, creating it’s own challenge for older folks or feeling connected with the others in the group.

Our documentary focuses on the many challenges churches have faced in adapting to an online only format, as well as congregation members and how they connect to their church during this time. Many members have stopped attending church due to the online only nature of churches now citing a lack of connection. Tithing has also dropped off, with some smaller churches on the verge of bankruptcy. How are members effect, and how are they overcoming these new barriers? Have some stopped attending church? How are churches struggling to remain connected to their congregation? And what are the long-term effects churches will have, both positive and negative?


About 9% of all congregations will close. Of those that close, many were just hanging on surviving. Survival isn't an option for the church. You're either thriving or dying

Pastor Keith Sexton

Christ United Methodist Church

The very nature of church and the meaning of the word Ekklesia as it's used in scripture is to be gathered together, called out, but also gathered together as God's people. I think it's important that we do regather eventually.


Pastor David Beaty

River Oaks Community Church

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